What's Next for Me

As you may or may not know, I retired from technology as work as of the end of last year. No more technology projects, no more building web applications for pay, no more figuring out other people's DevOps strategies, etc.

I'm both sad and happy about this. Sad that I'm missing a lot of really great collaborations with folks that I've had over the years. Sad... no, I think that's it. I'm happy not to be having to keep up with things. Happy not to have to worry about other people's stuff. Happy not to have to haul myself out of bed because someone's something isn't working as it should.

Because I still get to tinker. I have at least one open source package that I want to continue to maintain, called SimpleAWS. It's a python package that I have built slowly over the past few years, designed to provide an easy way to access AWS resources with python, without having to learn the depths of Boto3, the Python SDK for AWS.

I've got some Raspberry Pi computers I'm playing with, and something called PyPortal which I'm hoping to use to tap into some home-related APIs, like our Purple Air quality monitor, our solar array, and our weather station. I was sort of hoping to create a framework that I could release, but we'll see if that happens.

I've been diving more into CircuitPython which has been fun, and I hope there will be some interesting projects down the pipeline.

I will probably still post here on occasion, for all 2 of you that ever read this stuff.