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  1. Jane Project, Part Two: Data Storage

    Part One of this series went into some detail on the components that make up this virtual assistant. I've hit an interesting inflection point that I wanted to talk about. As I've been digging into this project, I've realized that how I store the data needed by, and generated by …

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  2. Jane Project, Part One

    I've been working a bit at the beginnings of this project, and I've outlined the components I'm working on in some docs, and I figured I'd go through it here.

    There are the following components to this project:

    Speech to Text

    This is the component which converts text to speech …

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  3. NetSuite and Python

    Sorry it's been a while since I've posted - but I'm working on a posting calendar, and hope to be much more regular in my posting.

    I spent quite a bit of time recently, working on trying to get data to and from NetSuite using Python. There was so little information …

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  4. Introducing Simple AWS

    I've talked about Boto3 before. Boto3 is the main SDK that most people use to connect with AWS resources with python. Boto3 itself relies on Botocore, the lowest-level interface for AWS.

    What I learned in the process of spending 2 years focused on AWS is that first, Boto3 is not …

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  5. Boto3 for Simple Queue Service

    There are a variety of ways python applications can talk to each other. APIs might be the most common way, but APIs have a fair bit of overhead - there has to be something there listening all the time. One other way is asychronous communication via a message broker.

    I'd not …

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  6. Boto3 for DynamoDB

    As I described in my last post, Boto3 is the higher level SDK for AWS services. One of the services I've used quite a lot is DynamoDB. DynamoDB is a NoSQL key-value store. It's a little out of the scope of this blog entry to dive into details of DynamoDB …

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  7. gspread vs. pygsheets

    I'm doing a very cool project for OpenIssue, LLC, a company I have been connected to for a number of years. This project involves a lot of API work, including Salesforce, varied database systems, and lots of AWS resources. I expect during the course of this project to get to …

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