About Me

Hi. I'm Maxwell Pearl, or just Max.

I've been coding and working on/with internet services full-time for 20 years. I have worked on projects in a wide variety of fields, but primarily in the sciences, education, and nonprofit/activist spaces. Out of necessity, as I've generally worked with smaller organizations and projects, I've learned a lot of devOps and software architecture along the way, both of which I enjoy greatly. I've been an open-source software advocate since Linux distributions came on piles of floppy disks in the mid-90s.

I am retiring from for-pay technology work in December 2021.

I will be tinkering, continuing to contribute to open source projects and the like. I do hope to continue to blog here on occasion about what projects I'm engaged in.

My current language preference is Python. I've been working with Django for web and application development, Flask for API development, loving Pelican for static site development (this site uses Pelican.)

I spent many years developing websites using Drupal, which is based on PHP.

In the remote past, I've used Perl, Pascal, C, FORTRAN and BASIC.