What is This Blog?

I've been a blogger for a long time. My first blog, called "Pearlbear's blog" was started in 2002. I've had a lot of different blogs, and I currently have 3, this being the one focused on tech. I can't seem to help it.

A long time ago I had a tech blog, which focused primarily on non-profit technology, my main focus for many years of my professional life. I took a few years off from tech, but then returned, and am happy about it.

Now, my professional focus is developing back-end data management systems, using python. I've also got a ton of projects I'm working on. I'll be sharing those as well, plus any fun or interesting tech stuff I get into.

My current tech stack:

  • Ubuntu/Xubuntu Linux
  • Microsoft Windows subsystem for Linux
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code (an open source IDE I have come to really like)
  • Python
  • AWS tools and libraries
  • Pelican Static Site Generator (used for this blog)
  • Docker
  • GitHub