SimpleAWS Update

Update August 2022: I have decided to let this project go. I have very little use for it right now, beyond what I've already done. If somehow, that changes, I'll re-alive it, but consider it dead for now.

A while ago, I introduced a simple Python library called "SimpleAWS". SimpleAWS is designed to be a simplified way to interact with AWS resources with python. It requires Boto3 which I also wrote about a while ago. Boto3 is the Python SDK for AWS.

As I said in the README file for SimpleAWS: "Simplified Libraries for some of the most common AWS resources. The purpose of SimpleAWS is to add one layer of abstraction, and remove a lot of the guess-work from interfacing with some AWS resources. The options are limited on purpose - this is not designed to replace boto3, but to provide an easier entry into using AWS resources with python."

I have updated it a bit since I first introduced it. It originally only covered S3, SMS, SQS, and DynamoDB. It now also includes some functionality for CloudFront and EC2, and now includes a few useful CLI tools, such as an inventory tool, as well as a tool to create Cloudfront invalidations, which I find incredibly useful in my Pelican workflow.

It is on version 0.1.6. Version 0.1.7, which I hope to complete by the end of July, includes adding inventory functions for Glacier, ECS, Lambda, Route53, and RDS. It also hopefully will include some useful CLI functions and more detailed S3 and Glacier functions.

It's the only open source package I maintain. I moved it from GPLv3 to Mozilla Public License a while ago, largely because of my continued frustration with the very problematic Free Software Foundation.

I welcome contributions - I think there's been only one pull request (which I happily approved and integrated) since I released it. I originally wrote a lot of this code in the course of my work, as I was doing a lot with AWS. Now that I've retired from tech work, I don't really have a purpose for this other than I enjoy working with it.