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  1. Tor, Part 2: EOTK

    OK, so now, after having read Part 1 you know something about how Tor works, and you've downloaded the browser, and looked around. So let's say you've already got a great website going, but you want to mirror it on the Tor network. How might you do that? As I'll …

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  2. Tor, Part 1: The Basics

    I've known about Tor and onions for quite a while now, but haven't really gotten a chance to dive into them until quite recently. Because I've now had a chance to dive in, I figured I should write some blog posts about what it is, what tools are out there …

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  3. Drupal 8 First Impressions

    I took a break from Drupal development for about 2 years, and decided recently (largely for practical purposes) to dive back in. I had spent many years developing websites in Drupal - I started back in 2005 using Drupal 4.7, and I have developed websites on every version since, except …

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