About Me

Hi. I'm Maxwell Pearl, or just Max.

I've been coding for 40 years, about 20 of that full-time. I have worked on projects in a wide variety of fields, but primarily for audiences in the sciences, education, and nonprofit spaces.

Out of necessity, as I've generally worked with smaller organizations and projects, I've learned a lot of project management, information architecture, software architecture, and devOps along the way, all of which I enjoy greatly.

My current foci are: back-end data management systems, API development, and machine learning. I spent many years as a back-end web developer.

My current language is Python, although I still do a little work in PHP (I spent many years developing websites using Drupal, which is based on PHP. I also admin several WordPress websites.) I've been using Flask for API development, Pelican for static site development (this site uses Pelican.) I've also been trying out Django. You can hire me for projects.

In the past, I've used Perl, Pascal, C, FORTRAN and BASIC. I'm in the process of learning Javascript, but I haven't done any significant projects with it.

You can find out more about who I am here.